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Chalcedony & Fluorite Geode

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If you’ve been struggling to find your highest purpose, get ready to experience a profound awakening with this Angelic Guidance Chalcedony and Fluorite Geode from Mexico. This mesmerizing beauty is a combination of white chalcedony and purple fluorite, and was found in the countryside of San Benito – which literally translates to “blessed saint.” White chalcedony shifts your spiritual energy and inspires a strong connection with your deepest sense of purpose. Purple fluorite is a powerful soul pathing stone that activates the Crown Chakra, connecting you with your angels and guides. It also enhances psychic ability, clarifies dharma, and attracts new opportunities. Geodes are extraordinary formations, unassuming on the outside but lined with crystal magic on the inside, created by Gaia herself. These wonders have taken millions of years to form, and now they’re here to support you in powerfully manifesting your desires. Work with this stone to align your natural talents and gifts with the help and guidance of the celestial realm. This is an extremely rare combination and we are so excited to have them in stock! 


This beauty weighs 24g.