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Kauri Amber Hei Toki

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New Zealand Amber – This is the petrified form of Kauri Gum and is rare. This type of Kauri Gum must be mined. It is millions of years old compared to Kauri Copal which is thousands of years old. New Zealand Amber is what is used as a gem. Because amber is not made up of crystals but is organic, it is considered a gem and not a gemstone (other examples of gems are Pearls, Corals, Jet and Ivory). The difference between Kauri Amber and Kauri Copal besides its age is that the latter will melt if put near an open flame whereas the Amber will stay undamaged. 

Kauri Amber is one of those magical gems used to cure throat sicknesses such as asthma, hay fever and glandular swellings.

And Amber, per se, has been used to cure rheumatism, jaundice and asthma. It was also reputed to relieve any eye and ear ailments. 

Carved by our very own Ryan who whakapapas to Kai Tahu. 

This beauty is 62mm in length and 28mm in width. 

These cannot be worn in water. We do not recommend wearing all the time, more so for special occasions. Do no drop as it will shatter like glass.