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Sleep Balm

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Our most popular balm by far.

Made with a beautiful combination of natural remedies, including Chamomile which has as a natural, mild sedative effect. It improves your sleep quality and helps you to wake feeling refreshed. It also helps with any sleep related problems caused by mental health or anxiety related issues. Lavender which promotes relaxation and quality sleep, there has been many studies to show that lavender improves sleep even in those with chronic insomnia, sleep apnoea and issues with sleep due to pain or anxiety. It helps to increase the amount of time spent in deep sleep. NZ beeswax, no nasties, straight from local hives which always helps it smell divine too! Our own sleep blend of essential oils that help with a balanced mood before nodding off into sleep, provide a positive release of any tensions in the mind and body, detoxifies negative emotions, releases serotonin the brain which converts to melatonin which is a natural hormone we produce to aid in our sleep. Full ingredients always listed on our products.

Much loves and sweet dreams 😉💤💜