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Moonology Calendar 2024 Yasmin Boland

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Following the success of the highly popular Moonology. diaries, Yasmin Boland's first ever calendar offers daily wisdom and inspiration for harnessing the magical power of the Moon in 2024Unlock the magical powers of the Moon to manifest an incredible life, with daily affirmations and inspiring messages in this debut calendar from #1 bestselling Moonology. author Yasmin Boland.Get in tune with the Moon in 2024 with this stunning daily calendar, designed to help you live a life full of positivity, power and joy.Each magical message has been lovingly written by Yasmin Boland to inspire and uplift you every day. You'll discover how to work with the lunar energies on each day, plus how to attune to each New and Full Moon to supercharge your manifesting powers.With guidance on setting intentions, making New Moon wishes and more, the Moonology. 2024 Calendar will help you to tap into the highest possible energy, prepare to achieve your goals and make this a year full of positivity and success!