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Your Anxiety Beast and You

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By Dr. Eric Goodman Ph.D.

Illustrated by Louise Gardner 

A compassionate guide to living in an increasingly anxious world 

Just like the Beast in the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast anxiety is an emotion that society initially misjudged as the villain. Your Anxiety Beast and You offers a kinder, more compassionate approach for people suffering from anxiety. Rather than living with an enemy inside your mind, you're encouraged to see anxiety for what it really is- an inner hero. It's always trying to protect you from threats; it's just confused about what true threats are in the modern world. 

Dr Goodman is a fellow kiwi that has over 25 years experience helping people with anxiety disorders and OCD, Dr Goodman uses humour and compassion to help you make peace with the reality of your anxiety and then re-focus on making your anxiety a better inner-companion.